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Easy Campfire Desserts: Banana Boats

Choice is good. Here are three outdoorsy desserts that may jazz you more than the obligatory roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate squeezed between graham crackers.

Easy Campfire Desserts: Banana Boats

Photo: 24oranges.nl/Flickr

At Sue’s backyard banana boat debut, children and adults went wild and ate until we ran low on bananas. Best of all, they’re easy to make.

You need:

Bananas. Fine if still a titch green and tart.
Chocolate. Semisweet chips or broken-up bars.
Marshmallows. Miniatures usually recommended, but full-size works.
Aluminum foil.

Slice unpeeled bananas lengthwise so they open like hotdog buns. Into opening put chocolate and marshmallows, your call on how much. Close banana, wrap in foil, and cook with seam in foil on top on coals at campfire’s edge or on a grill. For the first boat, cook five minutes, see what you’ve got, and adjust cooking time accordingly. When done, open foil, let cool (especially for kids), and dig in with spoons.

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