Cuts Will Slow Grand Teton Rescues

Sequester's impacts emerge

Adam Roy

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Stricken climbers and hikers in Grand Teton National Park will find themselves waiting longer for help this year due to budget cuts, park officials say. Grand Teton expects to lose $700,000 from its budget due to the sequester, about half of which will be taken out by reducing the number of seasonal rangers on staff by 26, or about one-sixth.

“We know there will be delays in responding to search and rescue, as well as medical emergencies and law enforcement,” said Superintendent Mary Gibson. Our responsibilities I take very seriously on both employee and visitor safety. We are trying to maintain those functions to the degree we can.”

Grand Teton search and rescue crews respond to between 70 and 75 incidents every year, from technical rescues to searches for lost hikers.

Via National Parks Traveler

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