Cyclist Killed By Olympic Bus

Bradley Wiggins calls for compulsory helmets

Caty Enders

Daniel Harris, 28, was struck and killed by a London 2012 shuttle bus just hours after Great Britain’s Bradley Wiggins won gold in the Olympic time trials. Harris, a commuter from Waterloo Road, Ilford, was declared dead at the scene, a notoriously dangerous intersection outside of Olympic Park. A man who claimed he was cycling behind Harris when he was hit wrote in an Internet post, “The lights changed just as he was in the bus’ blind spot and as he was attempting to go straight the bus turned left. He didn’t really have anywhere to go.” Wiggins, who was asked about the accident at a press conference at Olympic Park shortly thereafter, said the government should make helmets mandatory, explaining that he had repeatedly gone down on London’s “dangerous” streets. Ashok Sinha, vice chair of the London Cycling Campaign, responded in the Guardian that a failure to provide cyclists with adequate routes and bike lanes during the Olympics should be considered the real culprit.

Via U.K. Press Association