Dachshund Loses Short Battle With Mountain Lion

Snatched away during a routine walk

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One Colorado man’s pleasant afternoon walk with his dachshund turned gruesome last week when tragedy leapt from the shadows and struck mercilessly. The unidentified Colorado Springs pet owner was walking his dog in a gated community on the city’s southwest side when a mountain lion emerged from the bushes, snatched the small, sausage-like dog from its owner, and dragged it away to be eaten in private.

Parks and Wildlife were able to eventually trap and then euthanize the mountain lion, but it was too late for the dachshund. Sangre por sangre.

Sadly, Colorado Springsians say they are resigned to living under this reign of terror. “We know there are mountain lions in the area, there have been other attacks several years ago,” one resident told CBS. “Our backyard neighbor, a mountain lion climbed a tree and jumped onto her deck and took her dog.”

In the event of a mountain lion encounter, wildlife officials advise that you do not attempt to run. Instead, turn and face your attacker, then back away slowly while making yourself appear as big as possible.

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