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DamNation's long awaited premiere will be at SXSW in March (Felt Soul Media/Vimeo)

“DamNation” to Premiere at SXSW

Dam removal on the big stage

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Three years ago, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and biologist Matt Stoecker set out to make a film about dam removal and restoring some of the country’s greatest waterways to their natural state.

Travis Rummel and Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media quickly emerged as the men for the job after showcasing their unique storytelling ability in films such as Red Gold and Eastern Rises. Yesterday, after a long wait, the duo announced that the film will premiere in March at SXSW.

In addition to their loyal fans and those in favor of dam removal across the country, Felt Soul Media might be more fired up than anyone. “Goddam we’re excited to unleash the beast!” and “Welp, that only took three years. Yeow!” were both posted to the FSM Facebook page yesterday.

A lot of time and energy has gone into this project, beginning with a Commitment Grant from Telluride’s Mountainfilm in 2011. If Felt Soul Media’s prior work is any indication, DamNation is sure to be a heavy hitter.

SXSW Film Festival runs from March 7 through 15.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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