Danny Macaskill Red Bull Epecuen Argentina Biking
Macaskill in Argentina's deserted Epecuén tourist town. (Fred Murray)

Danny MacAskill’s New Video

Jaw-dropping moves in Argentina

Danny Macaskill Red Bull Epecuen Argentina Biking

Danny MacAskill is famous for his agility, balance, and urban bike riding skills. Exploding on the scene in 2009 and 2010 with wildly popular YouTube videos, MacAskill has continued to impress and, of course, teamed up with Red Bull along the way.

For his latest YouTube sensation, MacAskill and Red Bull traveled to Villa Epecuen in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina. Once a thriving tourist town, a dam break in 1985 flooded the entire place under nearly 30 feet of water.

In 2009, the water began to recede and the ruins of the once-popular town have emerged degraded and destroyed. MacAskill had dreams of riding Epecuen ever since he saw images of the old buildings starting to rise from the water. He finally had his chance early this year.

Paired with friend and director Dave Sowerby, MacAskill brings life and a handful of new tricks to the Argentine ghost town. 

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Fred Murray