Glacier National Park BASE jumping Montana Mount Siyeh
BASE Jumper Dies in Glacier NP (Steve/flickr)

Death in Glacier National Park

Botched BASE jump probable cause of young man's demise

Glacier National Park BASE jumping Montana Mount Siyeh

On Sunday, September 14, the body of a 22-year old Missoula resident was recovered from the north side of Mount Siyeh in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Initial reports suggest that the man, Beau Weiher, died in an ill-fated BASE jumping attempt.

According to a press release from the park, Weiher’s family contacted park dispatch on Saturday evening to report that he hadn’t returned from a solo hike in the Many Glacier area.

At approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, a search and rescue crew aboard a helicopter from Whitefish-based aviation support company Two Bear Air spotted what they believed to be a parachute in the vicinity of Mount Siyeh. An hour later, Weiher’s body was found below the summit. The body was airlifted out, and the deceased was subsequently identified by the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office.

The proximity of the parachute and the body’s location suggest that Weiher had attempted a BASE jump. The investigation is ongoing.

BASE jumping is an acronym for parachuting off a building, antenna, span, or earth. The activity is illegal in most national parks, including Glacier.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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