DeChristopher Can’t Do Social Justice Work

Gets job at bookstore instead

Adam Roy

Climate activist and newly-released prisoner Tim DeChristopher has given up his job at a Salt Lake City Unitarian church after the Federal Bureau of Prisons barred him from social justice work. DeChristopher, who is serving out the remainder of his two-year sentence in a halfway house, had planned on working in the church’s social justice ministry. “The Bureau of Prisons official who interviewed Tim indicated he would not be allowed to work at the Unitarian church because it involved social justice and that was what part of what his crime was,” said Patrick Shea, DeChristopher’s attorney. Instead, he’s taken a job as a clerk at a rare books store. DeChristopher, 31, was convicted of violating the Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Reform Act and making false statements for placing false bids at a federal oil and gas lease auction in 2008.

Via TreeHugger