Detached Foot Found on B.C. Coast. Again.

Officials remain baffled by floating feet


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A detached foot washed up in a marina in Vancouver, British Columbia on Tuesday, the eighth to appear in Canada and the eleventh found in the region since 2007. The shoe was discovered floating upside down in the Plaza of Nations, in the False Creek inlet, with the leg bone still attached. Police say the remains appear to be human, though authorities plan to conduct further forensic testing as several recent foot finds were later identified as hoaxes. The British Columbia Coroners Service told ABC that they will also conduct DNA test in an effort to identify the foot’s owner. All of the feet have appeared in running shoes. Authorities speculate that the shoes’ buoancy lifts the feet to the surface after they detatch, via natural decomposition, from bodies in the ocean. But how those bodies have ended up in the ocean, and their identities, remains one of the Pacific Northwest’s strangest mysteries.

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