Diana Nyad Abandons Cuba-U.S. Swim

Fourth attempt ends after 40 hours

Caty Enders

Diana Nyad has ended her fourth attempt to become the first person to swim across the Straits of Florida from Cuba without the protection of a shark cage. The 62-year-old endurance swimmer entered the water on Saturday in Havana and weathered two overnight storms and a series of jellyfish stings before calling it quits 41 hours in. “Instead of getting hit with one doozy they got hit with three,” team member Vanessa Linsley told the Associated Press. “They got hit with the weather, they got hit with the jellyfish and they got hit with the sharks all at the same time.” Nyad was pulled from the water early Tuesday as a large thunderstorm blew in. Her support crew reported that she was suffering from hypothermia. She had made two previous attempts at the record since last summer and a fourth failed attempt with a cage in 1978.