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Tandem skydiving (David Holt London/Flickr)

Disabled Man Skydives Over Everest

Historic tandem jumps from 32,000 feet

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A French man with multiple sclerosis completed a successful skydive over Mount Everest this weekend. The 55 year-old Marc Kopp, who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for over a decade, became the first disabled man to complete an Everest skydive, reports NPR.

The tandem skydive consisted of Kopp and his friend Mario Gervasi, a champion skydiver, jumping out of an aircraft from 32,000 feet to a specially designated landing area on the mountain. Kopp and Gervasi spent the first several thousand feet in free-fall before landing on the platform nearly halfway up the 29,000-foot peak.

Kopp, whose disease has gradually taken away the use of his right side, runs a support group for other multiple sclerosis sufferers. He told the AFP, “I hope my action will inspire others living with this illness. I hope many more will follow in my footsteps.”

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: David Holt London/Flickr