Dispatches: News from the Field

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Outside magazine, January 1997

Dispatches: News from the Field

Adventure: Around the World on an IOU
With momentum, if not sponsors, firmly on their side, a team of female sailors tacks toward the record books
By Lolly Merrell

Celebrity: Up Next…Naomi’s Polar Quest?
By Lolly Merrell

Politics: Voters? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voters.
As the new Congress rolls in, meet the environmental bigwigs who’ll be pulling the strings
By Juliet Eilperin

Enterprise: Seeing the Forest for the Fish
One man’s subaquatic quest to clean up on history
By Carl Hoffman

Forestry: No Plaid, No Poulan, No Problem
Stuck in the doldrums, American loggers take a lesson from the Swedes
By Daniel D’Ambrosio

Sport: I’ll Have Mine on the Rocks and Straight Up
Jeff Lowe’s towering plan to bring ice climbing to the masses
By Julian Rubinstein

Marketing: Salty, Salty, He’s Our Man…
Some free advice for the organizers of the 2002 Winter Games
By Bruce Mccall

For The Record
Heavens to Betsy!
You Say Penalty, I Say Opportune Respite
Just Spin, Baby
The Preferred Term Is “Chronologically Enhanced”
More Spin, Baby
Warning: This Sport May Be Safe

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