Dog Euthanized for Pitbull Resemblance

Breed Illegal in Northern Ireland

Caty Enders

The international campaign to save a Belfast, Northern Ireland, dog deemed an illegal “pitbull-terrier type” ended Wednesday after the deadline for further appeals expired and the dog was put down. Seven-year-old Lennox, whom his disabled owner said was a bulldog-labrador cross, was identified by Belfast City Council dog wardens as a “possible” pitbull type in 2010 and impounded, despite having never harmed anyone. Victoria Stilwell, host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, was a vocal opponent of the council’s decision and even offered to pay for the dog’s rehoming outside of Northern Ireland. “I think the council had something to prove, and they were going to do it even though it was wrong,” Stilwell said. The case has been a rallying point for opponents of “breed-specific legislation,” which outlaws certain types of dogs.

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