Juneau, the Alaskan Husky
Juneau, the Alaskan Husky (Courtesy of KDVR/YouTube)

Dog Saves Paralyzed Skier

Alaskan husky plays Lassie

Juneau, the Alaskan Husky
Erik Tormoen

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Leonard Somers was skiing down Berthoud Pass in Colorado when he fell down a ravine, hit a frozen tree trunk, and broke his back. Fortunately, his Alaskan Husky, Juneau, attracted the attention of other skiers by barking and running to and from the site of the accident.

“I saw Juneau running up the path,” Jenny Beltman said. “I first saw the dog by himself, and then he headed over to where Leonard was.”

The trunk had punctured Somers’ neck, resulting in spinal injuries and paralysis. He was taken to Saint Anthony Hospital to undergo surgery.

“I don’t know if God was reaching out through her, or something bigger was playing out,” he said. “She knew I needed help. She helped me dig out and laid on me to keep me warm until help came.”

What has your dog done for you lately?

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of KDVR/YouTube