The "honey" moon gives off an amber color as longer wavelengths of light scatter through dust and pollution in the atmosphere. What a beaut. (chrislitschka/Getty Images)

Double Whammy: Full Moon and Friday the 13th

Is this the worst day ever?


Don’t feel bad if all you want to do tonight is cancel your plans and hide under the covers. In fact, we’d advise it. Not only is today Friday the 13th, but there’s also a full moon—and that won’t happen again until 2049.

Seriously, though, we need to calm down. Unsurprisingly, as Vox explains, science doesn’t back up the conviction that Friday the 13th is unlucky or that full moons make people go crazy. In fact, several studies found that stock markets actually seemed to do slightly better on Friday the 13th. And the only people going crazy over the moon tonight will be stargazers, because we’ll be treated to a “honey” or “strawberry” moon that has a golden glow.

If you’re still not convinced by science, take comfort in the fact that anyone west of the Eastern time zone technically won’t see the full moon until Saturday. And at least some astronauts won’t be earthbound for this disastrous evening—in fact, they seem to be having a pretty good time celebrating the World Cup in zero gravity. Lucky guys.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: chrislitschka/Getty Images