Driver Who Killed Man Trying to Dribble Soccer Ball to Brazil Arrested

Faces 10 years in prison


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The Oregon motorist suspected of killing a man on a mission to dribble a football from Seattle to Brazil has been charged with criminally negligent homicide in the death of Richard Swanson.

Swanson set off from Seattle in May hoping to reach the World Cup openers in Sao Paulo by June 2014. He would have dribbled his way through 11 countries, hoping to raise money for the One World Futbol Project, which sends durable soccer balls to developing nations.

Just a few days into his trek, Swanson was hit from behind by Scott Van Hiatt. Hiatt stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators but faces up to 10 years if convicted. The Oregonian reports that Hiatt has racked up a number of violations in his past, including failing to drive on the right side of the road, speeding, and driving without insurance.

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