Eagle Drops Deer on Power Line

The lights go out across East Missoula


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On the same day newswires reported the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict regulation of greenhouse gases to the federal government alone, the blogsphere buzzed about a bald eagle that dropped a fawn on a power line in East Missoula, knocking out power. The incident occured last Wednesday, causing 30-minute a outage across the city. An electrical worker found and removed the carcass, and NorthWest Energy officials confirmed that the deer was, indeed, responsible. Lee Bridges, of East Missoula, says she photographed an eagle earlier that morning near her house on the Clark Fork River, which likely explains how the deer got so high up. Bald eagles are often three feet long and boast a wing span of between six and eight feet. As one of the world’s largest raptors, they kill prey with massive talons and eat fish, waterfowl, and small-to-medium-sized mammals, apparently including young deer.

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