East Coast Braces for Nor’easter

High winds, low temperatures, and more flooding

Ryan O'Hanlon

Little more than a week after the deadliest East Coast storm in 15 years, a nor’easter is set to roll through New York and New Jersey on Wednesday. Meteorologists are predicting 55mph winds, coastal flooding, and up to three inches of rain in New Jersey. New York City could be hit with 40mph winds, heavy rain, and temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. “If we hadn’t just dealt with Sandy, I think it would be just our typical nor’easter,” said Tom Kines, a meteorologist at AccuWeather Inc. “I don’t want to downplay it. It is a rather strong storm and it will bring some wind and rain along the coast.” The lack of sand dunes due to Sandy could exacerbate flooding along the coast, and the predicted low temperatures may increase energy demand in a region where about 1.9 million people are still without electricity.

Via Bussinessweek