Drilling in the West

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Drilling in the West

Earth is Hiring

Drilling in the West

Drilling in the West

By Elizabeth Hightower
June 2009

The next great employment wave? Enviro jobs. Now all I gotta do is land one.

Obama’s Bedside Cabinet

By Elizabeth Hightower
March 2009

Our official reading list for the bibliophile in chief.

Give It Up for the Sun King

By Elizabeth Hightower
January 2009

MIT’s Daniel Nocera has a recipe for taking solar power mainstream. It all starts with a tall glass of water.

Snow Job?

By Elizabeth Hightower
November 2008

Carbon offsets are cool, but they don’t really make ski resorts eco-friendly. So says the Aspen Skiing Company’s Auden Schendler—whether the rest of the ski industry likes it or not.

The Price Is Wrong

By Elizabeth Hightower
October 2008

If you thought the drilling frenzy out west was temporary, think again. But there’s a right way to do it, and it’s up to the next president to lead the charge.


By Elizabeth Hightower
August 2008

Going off the grid, one Gatorade-soaked onion at a time.

The Upside of Downturn

By Elizabeth Hightower
June 2008

Could a tanking economy be great for the planet?

The Slime Solution

By Elizabeth Hightower
May 2008

Ethanol is so 2007. The future of biofuels is all about chocolate, chicken litter, and, yes, algae.

The Thrill Is Gone

By Elizabeth Hightower
February 2008

In 2007, green was the new black. A year later, are eco-celebs and enviro wrist-slappers killing the mood?

Primary Color

By Amanda Griscom Little
December 2007

Forget red and blue—this presidential race is all about the green. In an exclusive report from Outside and Grist.org, AMANDA GRISCOM LITTLE checks in with the leading contenders to discover who’s eco-cool and who’s full of hot air.

Brain Storm

By Amanda Griscom Little
July 2007

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but as the mercury rises, a crop of weather-changing scientists want to try.

Screw the Right Thing

By Amanda Griscom Little
May 2007

Compact fluorescents are good for everybody, and the new models glow just as warmly as your cherished bulbs. So why aren’t Americans seeing the light?

Detroit Takes Charge

By Amanda Griscom Little
April 2007

Electric cars are poised to make a comeback—and this time they might stick around for good.

Capitol Gains?

By Amanda Griscom Little
February 2007

It’s a new political era, all right: Big business is crusading for tougher pollution regulations.

Always Low Prices—and Now Eco-Accountability

By Amanda Griscom Little
December 2006

Wipe that smirk off your face: When America’s largest retailer embraces environmentalism, we all benefit.