Endangered Species Condoms


The Center for Biological Diversity is distributing 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms in all 50 states for Valentine's Day to underscore how unsustainable human population growth is driving species extinct at a cataclysmic rate, according to At 6.8 billion people, the human race is the most populous large mammal that has everexisted. The Center is distributing free packets of Endangered Species Condomsdepicting six separate species: the polar bear, snail darter, spottedowl, American burying beetle, jaguar, and coquí guajón rock frog. Three thousand volunteers are handing out condoms at concerts, bars, universities, spiritual groups, localevents, and farmer’s markets.

Slogans include “Wear a jimmy hat… save the big cat” and “Cover your tweedle… save the burying beetle”.

Check out When Jeff Corwin Attacks from our November 2009 issue to learn more about aiding endangered species.

–Stayton Bonner