The Good Route: Olympians to Senate, Pass Climate Bill

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Remember the climate bill? The one that the House passed last year, before all eyes in DC turned to health care reform? Well, it's inching back into the legislative spotlight. A new (and, based on the looks of things today, very weakened) version of the bill could be heard in the Senate as early as Monday. And just in time for Earth Day, four Olympic skiers, wrangled by the World Wildlife Fund, have asked the US Senate to, basically, do a good job.

“In January, athletes from around the world converged in Vancouver, united in the common purpose of spirited competition. We urge you to find that same spirit of unity and set aside
partisanship to do what is in the best interests of our country: pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill this year,” wrote Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety and Hannah Kearney in a letter to the Senate, noting that they're already witnessing shrinking snowpacks in their workplaces.

And, no pressure, or anything, but the letter ends with: “The future of our sport, the winter Olympics, and communities across America rests in your hands.”

Happy Birthday, Earth Day.

Mary Catherine O'Connor is a freelance writer, covering the environment, sustainability and outdoor recreation. The Good Route, her blog for Outside Online, is focused on the places where the active life and sustainability merge.

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