A Leopard Takes Down an Impala in Mid-Air


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The video doesn't show the spark, the inciting moment that led the impala herd to bolt across the road directly into the path of a leopard crouching in the tall grass. But it does show the climax, the predator exploding from the brush into an esophagus-targeted leap that lands with such force that it leaves an ungulate reeling hooves over head in mid-air. A leg-jolting suffocation and a pre-dinner drag through the dirt follow.

One of the benefits of so many people having cameras and access to YouTube is the ability to share such rarely witnessed wildlife moments. Here's the description of how MiPixWildife happened upon this clip during a safari:

“We nearly missed this leopard on our early morning game drive. We were
watching her for about half an hour when something spooked the herd of
Impala on the opposite side of the road. The impala ran straight into
the leopard.”

It's a nice bit of information that, paired with the video, shares everything about the hunt except whatever it was that got the whole thing started.

—Joe Spring