As we begin a critical new decade for the environment, we need to look toward the light

Scientists estimate Australia’s devastating bush fires have killed more than one billion animals. What does that mean? 

Why companies as diverse as Patagonia and General Mills are suddenly focused on getting dirty

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From her home base in Flagstaff, the Diné educator and former river guide is inspiring the community to protect the landscapes she cherishes most

Snow science is a wild thing. And in the Sierra Nevada, it's a particular beast all its own.

Scientists turn to high-tech solutions to protect a threatened population

Parts of the southern border are ecological wonderlands. The wall threatens 23 endangered and at-risk species.

The candidate unveiled a plan for addressing climate change, pollution, and good jobs at sea

Harvesting your own Christmas tree is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and a great tradition

Why the new crop of state recreation offices are about more than just outdoor sports

All the advice in the world only matters if people actually follow it

All I want for Christmas is … carbon offsets?

The Bureau of Land Management has rented new headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, and given D.C. employees 30 days to decide whether to move. Why is the agency fleeing the capital for new digs?

President Trump was right to say that other issues are more important. When it comes to the environment, we need to make fundamental shifts in how we live our lives.

At a time of unprecedented mass extinctions, no animal epitomizes the global biodiversity free fall more than the Asian elephant. Paul Kvinta travels to Laos to visit a moon-shot project aimed at saving the country's 400 remaining wild behemoths, investigate the strange underworld of wildlife trafficking—and make a very unexpected purchase.

Top adventure athletes Caroline Gleich and Jeff Browning define what a "roadless area" means

The inability of western states to track water usage is exacerbating the region's drought crisis

How do we deal with the prospect of losing the places we love?

Has Governor Gavin Newsom done a bad job managing the wildfires? Should he invest in "cleaning" the forest? We've got answers.

Environmental groups prevent DOI’s efforts to restrict FOIA disclosures

A combination of Santa Ana winds and climate change is almost the perfect recipe for extreme fires

Cody Townsend thought his project, the Fifty, would be a mission to descend the 50 best lines in North America. But then climate change started to melt the snow right out from under his skis.

A controversial Interior Department advisory committee has made a series of recommendations aimed at privatizing campgrounds on public lands

A scandal over radiation exposure at the national park is the latest weapon employees have used against each other in a perpetually dysfunctional workplace

Outdoor athletes have plenty of influence on Instagram. Protect Our Winters wants to wield it in the halls of Congress.

Do it poorly—or not at all—and you could start the next catastrophic wildfire

Getting involved in local and state elections can lead to big changes in the fight against global warming

The fight to balance recreation with wildlife is coming to a head

A Bundy-esque BLM leader, an office building shared with oil companies, and now a solicitor borrowed from Koch Industries…what does this all add up to?

Outdoor companies and major athletes are showing their support for the worldwide Youth Climate Strike today

Millions around the world took to the streets to protest inaction on the climate crisis. In New York City, they got to hear from the commander-in-chief herself.

As delegates for the UN's Climate Action Summit convene in New York, the real leaders are the young people pushing for climate justice in the streets

Critical habitat for the species could be destroyed

The EPA announced plans to reduce protections for 50 percent of streams and 110 million acres of wetlands

Believers in Mass Timber say smaller trees are the ultimate renewable construction material, but only if we learn to be smarter farmers and builders

Even as the green movement works toward building an inclusive outdoor community, anti-immigration groups are using environmental rhetoric to keep people out.

In August, Randy Scott was slapped with a fine and a restraining order against bears for feeding the animal along the Alaska Highway. Jokes about his punishment went viral, but the reality of his actions is far more serious.

For the last five years, REI has closed its doors on Black Friday for a day outside. This year it’s doing more.

Geologists have captured the low, deep hum of Castleton Tower near Moab

The conservation icon talks about the surprising history of grizzlies in America and what comes next

More than 75 years ago, ancient remains of hundreds of people were found in a Himalayan lake. Scientists recently revealed more clues about where the people came from and how they could have died.

Two years ago, a massive river of mud and granite swept over thousands of feet of alpine terrain, killing eight hikers before swamping the alpine village of Bondo, Switzerland. This type of disaster is often fueled by climate change, and it will happen again.

Regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act put many, many species at risk—but particularly the cute and cuddly ones

How these photographers get outside in the biggest cities in the United States

Nature guide Brad Einstein explores the wild history and uncertain future of the redwood of the East

The changes are threefold. It will now be harder to add species to the list, protections for threatened animals will be revoked, and economic concerns must be formally evaluated during the listing process.

A warming planet could make climbing iconic mountains like the Matterhorn a more risky enterprise. But is shutting them down a call for local authorities to make?

Recycling is broken. The oceans are trashed. As the plastics crisis spirals out of control, an unlikely collection of executives and environmentalists set sail for the North Atlantic Gyre in a desperate attempt to find common ground.

The Trump administration is trying to remove public input from Forest Service decision-making

The blazes are releasing so much carbon that they could create a feedback loop

All signs point to a massive selloff of federally managed public lands, as BLM officials defy congressional oversight

Why two bombings that rocked the tiny town of Panaca, Nevada, help us understand who really owns public lands in the West

'Golden' spotlights eagle biologist Caitlin Davis in her natural habitat—at the top of a cliff face strapped into a harness

Say goodbye to 'The Majestic Yosemite Hotel' and welcome back 'The Ahwahnee'

'Mindless Crowd' is a reflection on humanity's relationship with its landscape and the natural world

'The Ornithologist,' from filmmaker Jevgenij Tichonov, features Lithuanian native Marius Karlonas exploring his hometown of Merkine

'The Kingdom' follows Sonam Phuntsho as he plants a new tree in the forest, one of more than 100,000 he's fostered throughout his life

The country's main weather-modeling system is getting a boost

The route to being a national park ranger is hardly ever a direct one, and for Jessie Snow, it definitely wasn't

For aerial athletes, it's not unusual to come across birds while in flight, like the threatened bearded vulture

Through Quiet Parks International, Gordon Hempton hopes to save the earth’s few truly natural soundscapes

New research shows just how much global warming is eating away at the glaciers on the world’s highest peaks

'Protecting the Crossroads' tells the story of how palm trees have turned from a cash crop into invasive plant in Mexico

Fly-fishing guides are out to prove that the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is fraught with public misconceptions

'When Rivers Rise' shows how India and Google are partnering to provide better intelligence to inform flood warnings and evacuations

A new report found that towns near plenty of outdoor recreation attract new residents and higher incomes. But this could also mean higher costs of living, affordable housing challenges, and encroachment into vulnerable landscapes.

OnX Offroad opens up 985 million acres of public land with off-grid navigation

How to take full advantage of your 640 million acres

Photographer Christian Vizl documents the ocean’s beauty to show us what we’re ravaging

After an especially brutal winter in Colorado, Independence Pass needs a team of seven heavy-equipment operators, an avalanche forecaster, and a surveillance crew to make the road passable

What do we lose when we lose the animals that make up the soundtrack of the outdoors?

But the federal agency responsible for managing more than 245 million acres of public land kept the boilerplate about the economic value of these places

Tips on how to get one of the most enviable jobs in the outdoor industry

Amid stories of ecological doom, we found a few instances of progress worth celebrating

'Phenomenal Noumenal Wonderful' is a four-year project designed to highlight the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest

A bill introduced to Congress on May 1 could make outdoor recreation an official treatment option for veterans suffering from mental-health disorders. It's a huge opportunity for vets—and our public lands.

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Summer is the ideal time for stargazing. Here are five tips for seeing nature's light show.

After a massive fire, one man tried to replant the forests of his childhood. After more than half a decade, he realized he was fighting a losing battle against climate change. We all are.