Chimani founder Kerry Gallivan.
Chimani founder Kerry Gallivan. (Greta Rybus)

Pioneer: Kerry Gallivan

Bringing the national parks to the 21st century

Chimani founder Kerry Gallivan.
Will Cockrell

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Founder, Chimani | 45, Portland, Maine

“The epiphany moment happened in Acadia National Park. I was standing on top of a mountain in the rain, wanting to know the best route back down, and I had no signal on my phone. Chimani is basically a guidebook—curated original content—in an app that’s designed for when there’s no connectivity. We take it a step further by including audio files and topo maps that are GPS enabled. 

National Parks Centennial

100 reasons to love the parks (and a few things we’d improve)

“Mobile devices are a tidal wave that’s about to hit the park experience. Chimani had more than 1.5 million user sessions last year, yet I would say we’ve tapped only about 5 percent of the market. 

“To be blunt, if we don’t get this right, we’re talking about the death of the park system. If people don’t have a positive experience in the parks, they’re not invested in the concept. We want to make sure that when you go to a park, you walk away thinking it’s ten times better than Disneyland. That ultimately translates into legislation that will impact future generations.” 

From Outside Magazine, May 2016 Lead Photo: Greta Rybus

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