Snub-nosed Monkey Sneezes When It Rains

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Photo courtesy of Flickr

A new species of monkey found in Mayanmar has an upturned nose that fills with water when it rains, causing it to sneeze, Science Daily reports.

The new species, named Rhinopithecus strykeri, is better known to Myanmar locals as mey nwoah, meaning “monkey with an upturned face,” and has been spotted from the eastern Himalayas to the northeastern Kachin state, Science Daily says. They have mostly black fur, with white tufts on their ears and a white beard.

According to locals, who have long known of their existence, the monkeys can be easily found on rainy days by their regular sneezing. To avoid waterlogged noses, the monkeys spend rainy days tucking their snub-nosed heads between their knees.

The new species is considered endangered, with estimates of around 300 individuals. No photos exist of these monkeys alive, so if you want to see one for yourself, you may have to pull on your rain boots and listen for their telltale watery sneeze, bless them.

–Nick Davidson

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