Video: Picture the Leviathan

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Here are some filmmakers you can help, if you so desire. Hal Clifford and Jason Houston have begun a documentary project, called Picture the Leviathan, about artist James Prosek's mission to draw the 40 most important fish in the Atlantic Ocean at their actual sizes—as they look when they're still alive. Prosek plans to get on fishing boats and get a picture of the fish immediately after they're pulled from the water. Why is it important to paint them as they look at this moment? The fish lose their bright colors as life fades from their veins. Or, as Prosek quotes a local fishing boat captain on the blue shade of a swordfish…

“He said if you ever saw a girl with eyes the color of a swordfish, you'd leave whoever you were with and go with her.”

The filmmakers are looking for funding for their project on Kickstarter now.

via: PDN, AmySilverman

–Joe Spring



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