Hang your favorite national parks on your wall.
Hang your favorite national parks on your wall. (Doug Leen/Rob Decker)

The Best National Parks Posters

A new generation of classic national parks posters are frame-worthy

Jen Schwartz

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In the 1930s and 1940s, the Works Projects Administration commissioned iconic posters of 14 national parks. You can’t afford the originals, but a new generation of artists have been inspired by the classics. 

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Go Retro

(Rob Decker)

Rob Decker studied under Ansel Adams and in 1980 began taking his own composite photography of the parks. He adds WPA-style effects to give his versions a vintage look. $30

Practical, Too!

(Muir Way)

Jared Prince has been scanning and retouching original USGS maps of 17 parks since 2014. They’re antique looking but have a richer color palette. $59

The New WPA

(Tracy Nguyen)

In 2014, Max Slavkin and Aaron Perry-Zucker partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association to commission new posters via the See America Project. $25

Authenticity Is Everything

(Doug Leen)

A company called Ranger Doug has been silkscreening reproductions from the original templates since 1993. $40

From Outside Magazine, May 2016
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Lead Photo: Doug Leen/Rob Decker

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