Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

Your Charity Money In Action

People give when they know it will buy something tangible. We asked directors at five organizations to tell us what donations from $50 to $50K would accomplish.

Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong

Executive Vice President of Mission Andy Miller

Mission: Cancer Research and Support

$50: Would purchase one tank of gas for Ride with Emilio, a program that provides free transportation for low-income pediatric oncology patients to and from the hospital.

$100: Can provide 60 cancer survivors with educational and online resources and support for a year.

$500: Can buy a month of the LiveStrong Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Service, matching 45 cancer survivors to clinical trials that work to find safer, more effective treatments.

$50,000: Can provide physical-activity programs for a year to 49 YMCA locations participating in LiveStrong. That covers 2,400 cancer survivors unable to pay.

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ShelterBox USA

Executive Director Veronica Brandon Miller

ShelterBoxes delivered in the Democratic Republic of Congo
ShelterBoxes delivered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Courtesy of ShelterBox)

Mission: International Disaster Relief

$50: Would almost buy the cookware and tools that go into a ShelterBox, which ultimately can provide basic survival essentials for ten people after a natural disaster.

$100: Would just about cover the blankets, water-purification tablets, and water containers for one box.

$500: Would cover the empty container, a family tent, and the cost of transporting the box, depending on the location of the disaster.

$50,000: Would allow us to supply about 50 complete boxes, the difference between life and death to 500 people in a disaster like Southeast Asia’s 2004 tsunami.

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Director of Major Gifts Priscilla Bayley

Courtesy of Josh Mogerman/NRDC
Grand Teton (Courtesy of Josh Mogerman/NRDC)

Mission: Environmental Advocacy

$50: Would allow us to plant five trees in Costa Rica on the donor’s behalf, supporting the restoration of the rainforest.

$100: Could print and distribute 100 of our fact sheets, which are packed with science and one of our best ways of disseminating truthful information.

$500: Could help activists in Patagonian Chile put together a media event to battle the proposed construction of a massive hydroelectric dam that threatens to displace communities.

$50,000: Would purchase and deploy solar-powered lanterns in India for seven rural villages without electricity, to provide a clean alternative to kerosene.

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Access Fund

Executive Director Brady Robinson

The Dihedrals in Chattanooga, Tennessee
The Dihedrals in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Courtesy of Andrew Kornylak)

Mission: Climbing Conservation

$50: Allows us to print and mail 57 issues of the Vertical Times, our free publication that alerts members and nonmembers to action-alerts policy and climbing-area reports.

$100: Buys one day of the policy director visiting and lobbying politicians and agency bureaucrats to educate them on issues important to climbers, like land access.

$500: Could fund a startup grant to get a new local climbing organization up and running, including 501(c)(3) filing.

$50,000: Could fund the purchase of a climbing area in the Southeast or pay the annual salary (including taxes and benefits) of a staff person.

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Doctors Without Borders

USA Board President Matthew Spitzer, M.D.

Malaria treatment in Sierra Leone

Malaria treatment in Sierra Leone Malaria treatment in Sierra Leone

Mission: Disaster Medical Care

$50: Can treat 50 adults or 100 children under age five with artemisinin combination therapy (ACT), a safe and effective treatment for malaria.

$100: Can purchase seven rapid meningitis tests to help teams detect an epidemic, such as in Nigeria, Niger, and Chad, where we vaccinated 7.5 million people this year.

$500: Purchases a sustainable shelter for two refugee families forced to flee their homes due to war or violence, like those in Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

$50,000: Funded our response to a 2007 cholera outbreak in Uganda. In ten weeks we treated 850 patients and supplied clean drinking water to 3,000 people at risk.

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