Et Tu, Mr. Foreman?

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Outside magazine, August 1996

Et Tu, Mr. Foreman?

“The environmental movement is like a bunch of alpha dogs, always trying to establish dominance,” explains Victor Rozek of the Native Forest Council, an antilogging group based in Eugene, Oregon. “And some just can’t handle it when others step out of line.” Ah, so that’s why green hard-liners have suddenly started snarling at the man who was once lauded for being the most
hard-line of them all. Dave Foreman, the Earth First! cofounder turned Sierra Club board member, brought on the ire last spring when he argued that a Sierra Club proposal to ban all commercial logging on public lands was, of all things, too extreme. Foreman maintains that his position isn’t so much a change of heart as basic political strategy. “Granted, it may be amusing coming
from me,” he admits, “but adopting a zero-cut policy allows the GOP to label us as extremists.”

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