Behind the Scenes at the Tour de France

Behind the Scenes at the Tour de France

Some people talk about a bucket list. You know, the things they simply must do. Mine's more like a shot glass than a pail, and it's filled with things two-wheeled. I'm a veloist. I've been a fan of Le Tour since Greg Lemond and the eight seconds in 1989, and I always wanted to be one of those crazies you see lining the side of a high mountain stage like a human guardrail. So I signed on with Ciclismo Classico, the Boston-based adventure tour leader. Suddenly, there I was at the climb finish of stage 17 above Pinerolo, Italy, and then the following day I was roadside on the notorious Col Agnel. Next year, a speedo and a frenzied dash alongside Contador? Probably not, but I'm definitely coming back. Here are the best pictures from the behind the scenes party at the 2011 Tour de France.


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