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The Elite Mountaineers Who Climb the Alps to Hunt for Rare Crystals

Climate change is melting the glaciers and permafrost of the Mont Blanc massif, revealing crystals hidden in pockets once covered in snow. Simon Akam tagged along on an expedition with one of the area’s most legendary hunters, a daring French alpinist who completes dangerous climbs to discover specimens worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Simon Akam
Jun 8, 2021

China Just Banned All Ultra Races and Extreme Sports

After 21 ultrarunners died in a trail race in May, the Chinese government responded dramatically, and many are worried about the future of the adventure sports boom that’s been taking place there

Will Ford
Jun 4, 2021

When COVID Came to Nepal

Despite Base Camp’s status as a super-spreader location, guides actually might have been safer on Everest than they would have been back home

Ben Ayers
May 28, 2021
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