Alaskan Cruise Ship Hits Whale


A dead humpback whale was discovered pinned to the bow of a cruise ship near Juneau on Wednesday, Reuters reports

The 43-foot long female whale was removed from the bow of a Princess Cruise ship and is now in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's custody. If the necropsy shows the whale died on impact with the ship, it'll be the third whale killing by a Princess Cruise ship in less than a decade. The cruise line paid $750,000 in 2007 to settle criminal charges related to a dead, pregnant humpback whale found in Glacier Bay, Alaska in 2001. Last year, the same ship had a dead fin whale pinned to its bow when it docked in Vancouver. Both the humpback and fin whales are considered an endangered species.

As of yesterday, it was unclear whether legal action would be taken against the cruise line. 

–Erin Beresini