Alexander Polli Flies Through a Waterfall in a Wingsuit


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It's hard to pick a specific moment to highlight from this video of Alexander Polli. He pilots his wingsuit dangerously close to several outcroppings at ridiculous speeds, winds through incredibly narrow canyons, and then zips through a waterfall. He said it felt as though the spray hit every part of his body. “It was surreal,” he said by email. “I had plenty of forward speed, so I was confident the
water was not going to affect my flying too much.”

He also dons a track suit—an outfit with less surface area than a wingsuit that inflates to produce lift and reduce drag—and scrapes a stick against a cliff he's just jumped off of and has a partner turn him around mid-air so that he's falling backwards.

Polli was born in Norway to a Norwegian mother and Italian father. He grew up in Italy and enjoyed a stint as a professional snowboarder. He's now moved on to BASE jumping, as this video shot in Norway, New Zealand, and Switzerland demonstrates. It was released around the same time as his new website and Facebook page. I'm telling you this in case you want to follow along for his next stunt.

A couple of days ago, he posted a video to Facebook in which he flew over his own mother during a wingsuit jump.

—Joe Spring