Ueli Steck* Nepal
After the Everest's deadly year, the future of the mountain remains uncertain. (Grayson Schaffer)

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Ueli Steck* Nepal

Our August issue explored the unthinkable tragedy on Everest that took 16 Sherpas’ lives. See an exclusive interview to hear firsthand from survivors of the avalanche.

Talking with Survivors of the Everest Avalanche 

Just days after the April 18 avalanche, Grayson Schaffer spoke with Kaji Sherpa and Dawa Tashi as they recovered in the hospital. “There was no place to run,” Dawa Tashi told him. “If we stayed [where we were when the avalanche hit], at least our bodies could be found.”

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Grayson Schaffer