In Case You Missed It: Watch Felix Baumgartner’s Record-Breaking Free Fall


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On Sunday, Felix Baumgartner successfully completed a jump from 24 miles above the earth, free falling at a speed of more than 700 miles per hour before landing safely on the ground. In case you missed the livestream of his feat, here are three videos that show you what happened. The video above shows the entire jump. If you didn't see the event live online, watch it. The video immediately below shows a one-minute-and-30-second version of the jump from Red Bull. It includes all of the spine-tingling moments packed into a tight edit, including Baumgartner's leap from the capsule and his out-of-control, end-over-end spin in the earth's upper atmosphere. The last video shows a re-creation of the jump using legos. No further explanation should be needed for you to click play on it.

—Joe Spring