Expedition Watch: Felicity Aston’s Solo Crossing of Antarctica

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Felicity Aston wants to become the first woman to cross Antarctica alone. The 33-year-old English explorer plans to travel more than 1,000 miles—to the geographic South Pole before veering off on a path towards Hercules Inlet. The journey will be a lonely one, but she's bringing along anyone that wants to hop on her digital sled. There's an interactive map, phonecasts, and a twitter stream packed with personal updates.

Some of her past tweets show that she's not shy.

Breezy day with trousers held together with sticky tape and velcro. Need to do some sewing this evening…

Yesterday was the first day I didnt burst into tears at any point. Must mean I'm getting used to this finally?

The mountains have gone. I now have a completely empty 360 horizon until Thiels mtns 800kms away

Arrgh. I have a blister on my heel. Annoying because last time I skied to the Pole I didn't get a one at all

Here's a little more about Felicity's journey.

Felicity Aston, a 33-year-old woman from Kent, England, spent three years living and working in Antarctica. She also led a team across the inland ice of Greenland and ran the Marathon Des Sables across the Moroccan Sahara.

Felicity left the Ross Ice Shelf on November 25 and expects the total journey to take her around 70 days.

“Curiosity. When I read about the adventures of others I always wonder if I would be capable of doing the same. Over the last ten years each of my expeditions has pushed me a little further mentally or physically, but I still don’t feel that I have reached my limit. I would like to know where my personal limits are—perhaps I’ll find them on this journey. In 2009, I skied to the South Pole with a team of seven women from all over the world. As we celebrated reaching the end of our journey, I remember looking out and thinking that it would be really satisfying to be able to keep going until we reached the far coast.”
–Felicity Aston

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–Joe Spring


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