Foot Washes Up on Washington Shores

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On Dec. 5, somebody found a foot inside a boot (without the rest of the body attached) in Tacoma, Washington's Tideflats area, the Toronto Sun reports. It's the second foot found since August, when a right foot washed up about 70 miles north of Tacoma.

The December foot was still inside a boy's size-six “OzArk Trail” hiking boot, a boot WalMart sold between 2004 and 2005. Authorities believe the foot/boot floated down from either the Puyallup River or Puget Sound.

Authorities don't know yet if the December foot is related to the seven other feet that have washed ashore in British Columbia in the past four years. One theory is that the feet belong to victims of a plane crash and their buoyant shoes preserved their feet.

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–Erin Beresini
Photo courtesy of cvanstane on Flickr.


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