I’m in the Back: World Record Tandem Waterfall Drop

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Last week, Sam Freihofer and Todd Wells posted video of dropping 82 feet over Metloka Falls in a tandem kayak. We picked up the news from The Goat, but there's more details on Well's blog:

In recent years Metlako Falls on Eagle Creek has become the most frequently run 80+ ft. waterfall in the Pacific Northwest, if not the world. Metlako is about as close to a perfect waterfall as anyone could ever imagine. The calm current above slowly falls off the rolling lip to the deep pool below. After having claimed three descents on the spectacular drop, I knew that she was yearning for someone to take the next step. Yep, that's right Metlako was ready for its first descent in a two man kayak…

It's obvious the friends had a good time taking on Metlako. Pause. But now that the tandem drop has been nailed, it begs the obligatory question—what's the next step in waterfall drops?

–Joe Spring

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