Introducing the First Couple of Wingsuit Flying

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A few weeks ago we reported on Jeb Corliss's plan to shoot through a hole in China's Tianmen Mountain while wearing a wingsuit. This past weekend, the American flew through the 360-foot-tall, 96-foot-wide, 260-foot-long hole after jumping out of a helicopter hovering at roughly 6,500 feet. During the first attempt, he jumped too early and had to pull off his planned flight. During the second attempt, he flew as planned, likely delighting his girlfriend and fellow BASE jumper Roberta Mancino.

You can watch both jumps—complete with a comparison to a scene in the latest Transformers movie—in the CCTV video above. For more on Corliss and Mancino, check out the new GoPro compilation video below.

–Joe Spring


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