Jetman Yves Rossy Talks About Flying

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A few months ago, National Geographic put a picture of swiss pilot and self-proclaimed jetman Yves Rossy on its cover. In the picture, Rossy is casually looking right while flying in a bright red suit under the cover of his carbon fiber wing—which is powered by four jet engines and reaches speeds of up to 190 mph. The issue featured an article on the evolution of flight, and Rossy and his contraption showed up near the end of a timeline on personal flight.

In his career, Rossy has flown through the Grand Canyon, above the Alps, and crossed the English Channel. In the TED video above, he shares how he controls his flight. He arches his back to gain altitude. He dips shoulders to dive. He moves his right arm to turn right. In the talk, Rossy also breaks down the essential components of his wing.

Perhaps you'd like to know more than what Rossy reveals in the TED talk above? Well then, there's good news. His next goal is to teach someone younger how to fly with him.

–Joe Spring


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