Kilian Martin’s Altered Route to Skateboarding Fame


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When 24-year-old Kilian Martin performs on a skateboard, some say he's dancing. The Spaniard's unique style is showcased in Kilian Martin: Altered Route, a new short by filmmaker Brett Novak.

Martin began gymnastics at 10 years old, moved on to surfing, and then picked up skateboarding. His wildly imaginative moves appear extremely choreographed—watch the last trick with two skateboards—and don't look like anything anyone else is doing. He wants the next generation to push the boundaries of skateboarding even further by developing their own styles.

The industry wants you to skate a certain way and young kids are influenced by that and by that they limit themselves. I don’t care about what category I am skating. It is just skateboarding. So my advice would be: do whatever feels right. Criticism is a good thing. It helps you evolve and spurs you on. At the same time, you need to focus on what you enjoy and not on what others expect of you. If you do this, you can achieve what you want.

—Joe Spring