Man Kills Grizzly in Denali, No Charges Filed

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Officials at Denali National Park and Preserve have announced that no charges will be brought against a man who this May shot and killed a Grizzly in the park's backcountry, the National Parks Traveler reports.

The man and his female companion were hiking up the Tattler Creek drainage when the bear charged from nearby brush.  The man then drew a .45 caliber semi-automatic weapon from a holster on his waist belt and fired seven to nine rounds at the bear, who retreated back into the brush.  Officials concluded that the man acted in self defense will not be charged with a crime.

The 434-pound male grizzly was found dead the next day near the location of the shooting, which the man had noted on his GPS device.  Both he and the woman had watched the park's backcountry and bear safety orientation video and had proper backcountry permits but were not carrying bear spray, according to park officials. The pair also reportedly did not have much backcountry or Alaska experience.

The man had lawful possession of the gun—which had been illegal in that part of Denali before Congress changed the law in February—but discharging the gun and killing the bear were violations.

–Michael Webster

Photo from Alaskan Dude on Flickr

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