Missing Hunter Found After 2 Weeks


Travis McMahan was found alive after getting lost and spending 14-days alone in the Big Horn Mountains, according to the Billings Gazette.  After losing his way in a snowstorm near his campsite at the Buffalo Creek Campground area, McMahan, who had been out scouting for elk, estimates that he was within 30 yards of the campsite when he encountered a mountain lion. He promptly turned around, planning on circling around to the other side of the camp, but came across Buffalo Creek,  and followed it the wrong way. He broke into a cabin a couple days later and found two dehydrated meals that he survived on the rest of his time in the mountains. After two weeks, hallucinations set in and he decided that no one would arrive before he starved to death. He followed the creek upstream, and ran into his Dad, who had gone out with a search party to look for him one last time before another snowstorm was forecast to hit.

Read the full story at The Billings Gazette.

–Dave Costello