sea kayaking South Georgia Island
Map of South Georgia Island

October 17: South Georgia Expedition Update

Here, view the journal entries of the Adventure Philosophy team as they attempt the first circumnavigation of South Georgia Island.

sea kayaking South Georgia Island

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October 17, 2005, 54.4 S, 37.4 W

South Georgia Island

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We left Grytviken with the snow falling in big fluffy clumps. The wind had dropped away to a whisper and the tussock and cliffs looked enchanting dusted in white. The water temperature is such that the snow does not melt, but forms patches of slush ice on the surface.

After months and months of preparation and the last two weeks on inactivity, it feels great to be underway. Already it feel a great privilege to be traveling in this dramatic and beautiful coastline as we are, under our own steam, landing as the island allows.

We are in an Antarctic bay after two days and it certainly has a polar feel to it. A 30 knot breeze that is blasting our Macpac Hemisphere tent with sand and spindrift, is turning the bay into a sea of whitecaps. This from flat calm in 20 minutes!!

We share our beach with about 80 Elephant seals, a colony of Fur seals, penguins and a cacophony of other birds, all which give us the distinct impression of living in a zoo.

With the backdrop of snow capped peaks this is a stunning place.

The Team.

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