South Georgia Island

October 30: South Georgia Expedition Update

Here, view the journal entries of the Adventure Philosophy team as they attempt the first circumnavigation of South Georgia Island.

South Georgia Island

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Entry 1

South Georgia Island

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South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island

Gold Harbour- 54° 37′ S, 35° 56′ W

From our cramped and wet harbour we crossed the majestic Drygalski fiord through Cooper Sound and made the final 90 degree turn.

Soaking up wonderful sunshine we moved 20 kilometers further north and into Gold Harbour.

We knew something was up when two miles off shore we could hear roars, yelps and squawks. As we closed in on the mile long beach we realized the place was teaming with wildlife. Elephant seals filled the beach and penguins the hillside beyond. It took two passes of the beach to find a patch big enough for the tent.

With a huge hang glacier as a backdrop, we spent the day marveling at the fighting bull elephant seals, the busy King penguins and the scavenging giant Petrels.

Entry 2

Ocean Harbor- 54° 20′ S, 35° 16′ W

South Georgia has a way of keeping you on your toes…

Passing through a narrow reef, a huge wave caught the back of Jonesy’s boat. It steepened and steepened to the extent we thought he was going to pitch pole. Fortunately he avoided a full summersault but needed to Eskimo roll to right his Kayak.

The rewards here are all the more satisfying for having put in the work. This evening as we crossed Hounds Bay we had a stunning view through to Mt. Paget rising over 9,000 feet straight out of the sea. With icebergs to our right and the South Georgia mountain chain on our left, it is hard to imagine a more mind blowing kayak journey.

We are camped at Ocean Harbour and are 25 kilometers away from creating history with the first sea Kayak circumnavigation of South Georgia.

However with 35 knot NW winds forecast, the Island may have a sting in its tail yet.

The Team.

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