October 6: South Georgia Expedition Update

Here, view the journal entries of the Adventure Philosophy team as they attempt the first circumnavigation of South Georgia Island.

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October 6, Stanley, in the Falkland Islands – Entry 1

South Georgia Island

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Well we managed to move 28 items of luggage weighing 365kgs and all pieces made it to Mt Pleasant Airport in the Falkland Islands.

We were quite the sight in Santiago and the mini bus driver had never seen anything like it. Our kayaks are here and we now have the job of testing all systems before we leave for South Georgia. We arrived to a fabulous BBQ put on by Debbie Summers in Stanley and it was in true Falklands style. We BBQ’d dressed in full down jackets and hats with a blazing fire on the lawn drinking all manner of alcoholic concoctions and eating southern tooth fish and moonfish kebabs – yet it was only 4 degrees C!! These Stanley-ites are crazier than we are.

Zak (being a farmboy) has already been asked to go and help out with the shearing which is in full swing here at the moment.

A marvelous welcome into this community of 2000 people. The Northanger is due in here in the next day or so and we will be locked and loaded and fully rested and ready to go when it gets here.

The Team.

October 6-Entry 2

The Northanger pulled into port this morning after a run of good weather from Ushuaia in Argentina. We are spending the rest of the day loading our kayaks and gear on board and we have a fabulous weather forecast to head out into the south Atlantic.

We are very excited about this next leg of the journey and can’t wait to get to South Georgia and, well, to get amongst it!! We’ve spent so long planning and organizing this, we have great sponsors and great support so all we need are the weather gods on our side and the job will be done.

Stay tuned, things are about to get exciting!!

The Team.

The Team.

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