Peter Diamandis on the Evolution of the X-Prize


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Today, there is a $30 million Lunar X-Prize for the first team to land a robot on the moon, a $10 million Genomics X-Prize for the first team to accurately sequence 100 human genomes, and a $10 million Tricorder X-Prize for a mobile device that can offer an electronic health diagnosis. In The Sky Is Not the Limit, Focus Forward Films takes a look back at the evolution of the first X-Prize established by Peter Diamandis. That prize offered a $10 million award to the first team that could take three humans into space twice in a roughly two-week span.

According to Diamandis, everything started with a really simple idea that hit him after he read a classic American story, The Spirit of St. Louis. “We're genetically bred as humans to compete. Prizes are really powerful,” he says. “Maybe this is the mechanism that I can use to get me to space.”

—Joe Spring