Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis

Pomp and Ambivalence

For The Record

Andy Lewis
Nick Davidson

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“My goal is to find a line that reaches insanity to an extent that no one’s thought of before.”

—Slackliner Andy Lewis, who broke the record for the longest/highest slackline by crossing 340 feet of nylon strung 360 feet high outside Moab, Utah, in September

“Yeah, it was pretty epic.”

—Risk-management consultant Louis Tapper on his 33-day, 1,240-mile solo kitesurfing expedition along the Brazilian coast in August

“It wasn’t a balls-to-the-wall kind of effort.”

—Kiwi Dave Mullins, who broke two under­water distance-swimming records, one with fins (265 meters in 4:01) and one without (218 meters in 4:11), at a Wellington pool in September

Corners Like It’s on Rails
Now every sheikh in the desert really can drive a Ferrari. This fall, Abu Dhabi unleashed the world’s fastest roller coaster, Ferrari World’s Formula Rossa, which reaches speeds of 150 miles per hour in less than four seconds and churns passengers at 1.7 G’s. Required: safety goggles. Recommended: diapers.

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