Snapshots of Antarctica from Chris Davenport


Chris Davenport and a team of skiers, who just spent a few weeks ski mountaineering in Antarctica, returned Stateside yesterday, but not without some eye-catching bounty. Here are the latest pics of the team's first descents from Davenport's point-and-shoot. 

The Sphinx, center, is a 1,700-plus-foot smooth face varying between 45 and 52 degrees. The D.A.M. couloir is on the left skyline. These were both first descents by the team. 

Teammate Stian puts in the boot-pack in the upper couloir. 

Looking south through the Errera Passage.   

Jim Surette, director and cameraman, climbs the steep upper ridge.  

Getting ready to drop into The Sphinx. 

For first-hand accounts and more photos, check out Chris Davenport's blog

Kate Siber