Solo Attempt On Death Valley. Again.

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And you thought your weekend hike was tough. Adventurer Todd Carmichael is challenging one of the most inhospitable places in North America–Death Valley–again.

Carmichael, who attempted an unassisted solo crossing of Death Valley last year, is slowly making progress across the brutal terrain, The Adventure Blog reports. He turned back last year after being unable to pass through a maze of washes with his gear. 

To carry the supplies he needs to make it on his own, Carmichael designed a one-of-a-kind rickshaw dubbed “the Pig” with fat tires and a harness that attaches to his waist. The craft weighs nearly 500 pounds when fully loaded with supplies and often sinks in the soft dirt of the desert.

Follow Carmichael's vicious trek on his website.

–Will Taylor

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